About Tour Israel Now



Tour Israel Now has been a life-long dream of Laura Green. The company actually morphed over the past 35 years from a small destination consultant and booking service to a highly regarded outbound travel planning company: DESTINATION ISRAEL. Tour Israel Now is a division of TWL Empress, Ltd., that was founded as a travel agency over 45 years ago. With the rapidly changing touring opportunities that Israel affords its visitors, you, the traveler will work with a professional who is familiar with new sights, archaeological discoveries and the ever increasing number of hotels that are opening throughout the country. Tour Israel Now provides the Jewish and Christian traveler with great opportunity to explore religious and personal heritage intermixed with the exceptional sightseeing all through the eyes and ears of an experience licensed guide. For the non-religious traveler, Laura will direct you with a wealth of knowledge for in-depth sightseeing, history, shopping, enjoyment, food and fun. And yes, since you’re heading for Israel expect a dose of politics and religion too.


You will benefit by Laura’s expertise. Her first position in the travel industry with a Christian wholesaler, afforded her the opportunity to journey through Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Egypt. (Ask Laura about her value in camels in an offered trade by a Bedouin Sheik in the Jordanian Desert). With a little prompting she’ll relay experiences of seeing off groups of Christian Pilgrims leaving the USA for the Holy Land and escorting them along their way once in Israel. Since her first trip, Laura has returned to Israel over 55 times. Highlight trips include her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah celebration with a synagogue group and a 3-week enlistment in SAR-EL, the volunteer service tour in the Israeli IDF (army). She has returned back to Jordan and Egypt, and most recently visited Israel’s partner in The Abraham Accords, The United Arab Emirates. With the opportunity to escort at least one tour each year to Israel, (notebook and camera ever present) she has seen major hotel growth in the entire country as well as the discovery of new archaeological sights and upgrading of many existing sites. You the traveler will reap great benefit by her experiences. Her local contacts in Israel have outstanding hotel rates and her access to the most professional and knowledgeable guides lend outstanding assistance to the professionalism and ability of the USA based business of  Tour Israel Now.